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You Need to Differentiate Your Roofing Company From the Pack

Flip through any local newspaper and you will see the local roofers in the services section. When was the last time you actually stopped and read through those ads?  Nah, me neither. 

Even when people need a roof repair done, or a new roof put on, those ads just do not get it any more, and honestly, probably never did. Most roofing jobs come by skilled marketing or word of mouth, or both. You have to differentiate your roofing company in a good way, to be remembered for quality, quick turn around, fair and honest pricing, and leaving a clean job site without a bunch of rusty roofing nails and chunks of torn up shingles in the flowerbeds.  When you are looking for ideas to get your roofing company noticed, you need to look at both new mainstream, plus some creative ways to get your company seen and called for a quote. 

One of the most important things any business can do these days is make sure you have a website up. A good, user friendly website does not have to be fancy, flashy, or overly pretty. It does need to have all the information, including how to easily contact you, an accurate list of what services and materials your roofing company does and works with, the times you can be called, and ideally, call to action buttons where a customer can touch it and call you direct, plus a contact form. The call to action button is particularly important since over 70% of all searches for services are now done on a mobile device. If you do not answer, or you are not easy to call, the simple truth is most people go to the next roofer on the list.  

Your website and anything else that has content needs to be set up properly to get maximum play for the use of roofing keywords that people search to find your kind of services and business. This applies not only to your website build, but your Google My Business listing (the one that gets you up on a search next to the map with a pin) and any other online things you do, from a Facebook post to Google Adwords ads to a Youtube video on your own free Youtube channel taking people on a tour of a roof. Those words are gold for getting your website closer to the top and people finding you faster when they need roof repair completed. 

A key thing to be noticed is to create value. If you are posting to Facebook, make sure there is an offer to tie into the season. Offer free value up front, such as five easy steps to lowering maintenance costs on your roof. Give, and your customers will give back, in cash. 

Keep an eye on the reviews that are posted on your GMB and your Facebook page. Real reviews, good or bad, have a much bigger impact on who becomes your new customer than you realize, and can also affect where your website gets ranked or your posting shows up. Respond to comments, thank customers for reviews, and deal with issues professionally and as helpful as possible. You will never win in a spitting contest with a customer with a valid or even invalid complaint or comment. Take the high road, and your openness to deal with issues will be noted. You may be able to get the person to take the comment down in some cases, or write a response lessening the challenge. It is also important to be timely in responses. Commenting weeks or months later not only loses the impact for potential good, it also looks like you are not on top of things, or do not really care what customers think.

Don’t be afraid to look for different opportunities where you can get high impact for your advertising dollars. Sponsoring a banner at the Little League Park for $100 gets your company thousands of potential views and looked at as a strong sponsor of the youth of the community. Offer free roof inspections after storms, and provide senior and veteran/first responder discounts.  Shingle a doghouse and paint it well and donate it to the local shelter, along with photos and a blurb in the local press. You never know when your next customer will see it, and they volunteer there. Guess who will get their roofing job. 

The most important thing in any roofing business, though, is quality and integrity in your marketing and advertising. Get in a relationship with a marketing company that takes your business seriously and takes the time to learn about your industry. Someone who understands the ins and outs of roofing is a valuable partner in making sure the public knows who you are, the quality of your work, and the care you have for your customers and their property.