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A lot of times when we talk to potential roofing clients, we learn they already have a website. More often than not, they either tell us it has not brought them a lot of business, or they just do not care for how it looks. Many times as we keep chatting we learn that the site was designed by a low budget company that did generic websites “so you have an internet presence”, or was costly and “cutting edge”.

roofing website design

The first statement often means stuffed search terms, grammatical and writing errors, minimal content, generic or public freebie photos and graphics that are irrelevant to your location and trade (a big turn off to customers – they want to see your work), and lots of things that are either missing or do not work.  Customers often judge those sites as a company who doesn’t care about quality, or their business. The second usually means someone sold them an expensive site that was so artistic or technical that you had to have a degree in both forensics and computer science to find the menu or a place to click to send a message to get a quote, usually after filling out a lengthy form full of questions, some you probably cannot answer.  That site might get a lot of clicks because it has a cool in-motion graphic or a picture that is exceptional, but those clickers are not the people who need roofing done. You need to reach customers, not Internet surfers. 

It is true that in today’s digital world you really do need an Internet presence, but you need one that pays for itself, is user friendly, and gets the job done when it comes to informing the public who you are, what you do, and how to get ahold of you. It needs to be legible, easy to navigate, up to date, and it must contain the information your potential client needs – who, what, when, where, and probably your why. They need to be able to find you, learn the times you are open, how to get ahold of you, and what you do, all with easy to understand language and access. Trust us when we tell you that if it is not, or does not, your new customer will scroll to the next company and hit their “call now” button.

When we work with your roofing company to create a website or put together a marketing program for you, we have a website design specialist who acts as your contact and project manager. This assures there is always someone you can ask questions, send requests, and have those in-depth conversations so important to a final product about what you need and want. Those long conversations let us learn about your business, your goals, and we talk about expectations and time schedules. Once we have all that information, we will plan out the scope of the project, which will be affected by the geographic service area and population you cover, as well as the size of your company. You need to give some thought to if and when you would expand if necessary.  

The next stage of your website build is the wireframe and sitemap, or “blueprint”. Once the initial layout is approved, the content is written and added, functional items such as call to action buttons, maps, video clips, and other add-ons are embedded, and we make certain that the website is completely functional and usable on all platforms.  You will preview and approve the final product, and only then will we launch the site. The next logical step to maximize your investment in a website is for Roofing Advertising professional SEO management team to start doing search engine optimization for you. SEO is an important part of the website design process if you want your site to rank, stay ahead of the competition, and be the first called by future potential clients. 

At each stage of website development we will meet with you and share what we have created for your feedback. It is your site, and you need to have a say in the final product, a belief we stand by at Roofing Advertisement and one that is rare among website design companies.  We know that your time is valuable and you are hiring us to do the technical part, focused on your industry. That is why we try to keep meetings short and to the point, and the whole process as painless and stress free as possible. The idea is to get you up on the World Wide Web and seen, and to start pulling in new business. 

The Best Roofing Websites Are About Your Company, Then Roofs

Roofing contractor websites are the only industry we build websites for at Roofing Advertisement. We specialize in the roofing trades, and cover all types of roofing applications and material installers. Whether you do traditional asphalt shingle in bulk for development, or hand made Italian barrel clay or ceramic tile, we have the experience and know-how to build a website that works for you and connects your potential customers right to you.  We know that each type of roof and even repair have some things in common with most roof projects, and other things peculiar to that material or process from the people who want that kind of roof, the particular applications or parts of the country it occurs in, or even durability due to dastardly weather.  

We start every website design project with a lengthy interview with you or whomever you designate with the company that can share information, goals, thoughts, and desires with us. Goals for your company are important, so we understand where you are now, and the volume you wish to attain as your roofing business grows. We also want to know what your expectations are for your website.  A website is a substantial investment for a business, and it really should pay for itself over time. If your website is not bringing in paying business, it is not set up to optimize and move up to the front page of Google. We can fix that.

Roofing Website Design Needs to Be Attractive, Functional, and Complete

It is important to remember that once a person gets to your website landing page, they have already been searching and have time invested. This means they are a warm lead that most likely now or in the very near future needs a roof repair, replacement, or a new roof put on a building or home.  The information they are seeking needs to be well presented, easy to find, and impressionable when they get to your page. The quality of your website needs to set you apart from the competition, and showcase what you do and how well you do it. Think of your website as a report on a final project. You need your story to tell the viewer how and what you do and do very well, and that they should let you do it for them, too. 

roofing website design

Roofing company websites need to be comprehensive but also understandable. No one really expects to see pricing on a website, because every roof is different. They do need to see that you are a valid company that looks like you know what you are doing. Your website should reflect the atmosphere of the company, the region you are in, the type of construction in your area, and your preferences. A well designed website gives your potential customer a taste of who you are, what you are about, and what is important to you. 

roofing website design

The Best Roofing Website Design Gets Your Customer What They Need & Want

Your website needs to tell a story, in easy to find and digest bytes of information. That includes the basics, like a map of how to find you, what forms of payment you take, phone numbers and hours of operation, and the geographic areas you serve. You would be surprised how many websites we analyze never show the city in which the roofing company is located. Your customers are bright, but they are not clairvoyant. What might seem obvious to you probably is not to someone else. We make sure your website tells the complete story, is easy to navigate, and provides information about each of your services or products. This helps the customer decide if your roofing company really can do clay tile roof repair, but you don’t install commercial roll rubber roofing. 

Customers need the basics how to get ahold of you and what you can do for them, but they also want some appearance, polish, and ease of interaction. We have all been on websites that were downright frustrating to try and navigate, the pull down menus only half worked, or things were extremely out of date, such as specials shown but expired. That is why search engine optimization is so important. It not only keeps your website current, but gives it additional new content, backlinks, citations, or other “bits of love” to get the Google algorithm to check or “crawl” your website and move you up the ranks in Google search. 

roofing website design

The Best Looking Roofing Websites Are Not Always The Best For Selling Roofs

One of the first things we do for a roofing customer if they have a current website and/or social media is to do a complete analysis of those sites. We have analytics that will show us how often and even what is searched and viewed on your website, and can dial in to see what is working or not. Our website analysis is free of charge, and we will share what we find with you. We’ll also take a thorough look at your local competition, the demographics of your geographical area, and industry standards in your part of the country. Often when we look at the numbers for engagement and how long people stay on the sites, we find that some of the prettiest websites have some of the most dismal statistics, because they just do not do or tell the customer what they need to know or do. Often it is because information is missing, there is no click to call, or even a list of what services are provided. We make sure your customers know what you do and how to get ahold of you so they can spend money for your roofing work, not the competition.

Roofing Advertisement Specializes in Roofing Web Design That Helps Sell Jobs

With many years of designing websites for roofing contractors, Roofing Advertisement knows what sells jobs. Your roofing site needs to instill confidence in your customer that you know what you are doing, and will do it for a fair price. We have put together a team of people who know the roofing industry from square and bundle estimates to dumpster haul.  We know that little things make the difference in getting a customer to agree to an expense the size of the average roofing job. We know how to make your website stand out from the competition, and get remembered in the future. We know that arrangement, colors, fonts, photos, and content makes a great deal of difference in the kind of clients you attract, and if you are a good fit in their mind for the job at hand. 

Get the right company to take care of building you a website that works for your roofing business and brings in new customers and improved bottom line. We are experienced, talented, and know roofing. Call Roofing Advertisement to get a free analysis of your current website done, or send in the contact form and include your website address. We will get right back with you, and share what we learn. Then we will tell you how we can start making you more money and help you grow your roofing company. 

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