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As a business owner, you probably get solicited at least a couple times a day from companies promising you more income if you let them do your website and SEO. It is hard to tell much about what they know, except they might have a flashy website, which if you clicked into out of curiosity, you will get tagged and pressured and pushed until you want to block them from being able to contact you. About now you are probably thinking, “What makes you any different from those guys?”  We’ll tell you.

seo for roofing contractors

Roofing Advertisement is a marketing firm that does as much or as little as you need or want done for your roofing business. With years of experience handling nothing but roofing companies’ nationwide, we know your industry, costs, issues, client base, demographics, and needs in detail. When you talk to us, you do not have to draw pictures to get us to understand what is important about your business because we already know your business and can have an intelligent, informed conversation with you about your industry. We know that some work pays the bills and other makes you profit. You will never get constant, pushy time wasting stuff from anyone with our company. You probably will hear regularly from your project manager, though, as we work to make your marketing even better to increase your supply of leads and new customers every single day. We want to be a partner for the long-term growth of your business, not another expense. We are the expense that will help your roofing business be financially profitable and grow. 

We Only Do SEO For Roofing Contractors, and We Know How Make It Pay

With all the competition in the roofing industry, you have to stay ahead of the guys that can throw money at advertising and have deep pockets. Making sure your website is working to its maximum is one of the most important things so your website it at the top of the Google search, because that is what it takes to bring in high quality warm leads and referrals. It takes generally 3-6 months for a website to gain enough strength to get near the top of the list, or onto page one. You need to be on page one in the organic rankings to be seen consistently by potential customers searching for roofing repair, roof replacement, and roofing contractors. We know the search terms and keywords that get you found and that push you up the ranks, as well as the tools and techniques to get quality backlinks and citations to your site, adding credibility, validity, and strength in the eyes of the Google search engine. Our years of work only with roofing companies gives Roofing Advertisement a massive advantage over the competition, because we know what it takes to get your company to the top and keep you there. 

Generic Roofer SEO Doesn’t Work, Because They Simply Do Not Know Roofing

A big advantage of our specializing is we can keep our costs lower than other digital marketing companies. We have massive resources available to us, with relationships, databases, and what we need specific to your roofing business and location at our fingertips. This is why we can custom design a package just for your roofing company relevant to your geographic service area, and have it up and running and getting you leads before anyone else in the market. Getting it done at a better price, with packages tailored to the range of impact you need by population of your area makes the deal even sweeter. 

roofer seo
seo for roofing contractors

Why Roofing SEO Keywords are So Important in All Parts of Your Marketing

SEO keywords, or the words that show up in analysis of what people type in over and over to find a business like yours, are lifeblood. Many SEO companies will try and convince you that the only way to get business is to pay Google or Facebook for very expensive ads that frankly are often too wide in distribution or scope – who they will be shown to – to benefit you, at least with out laying out some very serious coin. There are keywords for every imaginable kind of business and niche within a business that make the difference in reaching the customers you need and want. It also allows us target within a target the services you make money doing that are not the most heavily searched, but bring in profits. Doing your search engine optimization lets us zero in on your particular market and lets us create content and target audiences that often are missed in the push for the normal customers. We personally monitor your website, how it is interacting with other sites and how customers are interacting with it, and how to get more strength and flow to your site each and every month.  

Another part of the keyword puzzle is the difference between organic ranking and the Map Pack. The Map Pack is the block below the paid ads with a map pin and basic information targeting the businesses listed beside that Google Map. The majority of Map Pack locations are paid positions, but not all. The organic rankings, or listings that come to the top due to quality of website, search terms, content, relativity to the exact searched set of words are those below the box. While both listing are fantastic to have, the important one is the organic ranking. Organic is much harder to achieve, because Google looks for the real websites that really offer value to the customer and answer the questions.  

Map Pack can change by who pays Google the most, a sudden uptick due to a variable like an article posted about a company, and other one-off happenings. Being in organic gets you consistently seen. Most searchers when queried will tell you that over 70% of searchers will not click on an ad at the top of a search page, and over 45% will not look at the Map Pack because they know it is paid space. Where do they go? Organic rankings because they know those are real companies with the ability to help take care of what they need done. Content is king and relativity is critical to gaining position in organic rankings in Google, and we are experts at getting you in those top positions.

You Need Experienced Roofing SEO To Get The Business You Want

Roofing Advertisement is not a franchise, nor some kid operating out of his parent’s basement. We are a nationally recognized digital marketing agency that specializes in making sure roofing companies have the business they need, and people searching for roofing work have access to qualified companies that provide a good product at a good price. One way we do this is working every possible angle to make sure your message reaches the right client base, and we do that by maximizing both on- and off-line searches. This is one reason we are so successful with roofing leads, because people can find you in a variety of places and reach out for a quote, not just on an ad they now cannot find in their Facebook scroll. 

One of the parts of SEO that is difficult for people outside tech knowledge to grasp is how a website gets power or its credibility increases. There are a couple of ways, but reviews, citations, and backlinks are the lifeblood of adding integrity and respect to your website or social media platform. Reviews are pretty straightforward. Thankfully the old days of fake reviews is pretty much dead, and the search engines monitor increasingly for reviews that are not from confirmed clients. Good reviews and the scores they generate make a difference in how and where your website information is placed by Google, and also make a difference in getting into and maintaining position in the Map Pack.  We will make sure all available platforms and search engines are up and current, including Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo!, and Bing. We make sure your social media, directory listings, business profiles and videos are getting you the attention your company deserves and should command.  

Your Google My Business listing is important, and the verbal real estate it contains is critical to interaction with customers. Citations are places such as directories your business is referred to, and you get customers sent from those places of information. A backlink is a reference within your website to outside sources that link to your site, and they need to be from a source that has validity and relevance. Think of it as a network, and who the strongest players are that make the most money and are the most well respected. You want those guys on your team, or at least rooting for you on the sidelines. That is what reviews, citations, and backlinks do for your website.  All of these parts make up just a portion of monthly SEO work to keep you website fresh, relevant, and correct. 

seo for roofing contractors

As a Client of Roofing Advertisement, You Are a Person, Not a Number

One of the biggest challenges of the digital world is anonymity. It might be nice when you are browsing or dating, but it is death when you are trying to get new customers. That includes the people you work with that claim they want to help your business.  If you look for direct information on many SEO company sites that claim they want to help you, there is a box to fill in, a phone number, and … not much else. You do not know where they are located, if there are real people involved, and if they even understand your language completely.  At Roofing Advertisement you never have to second-guess what, who, or where we are. We have been in business for many years doing nothing but digital marketing. Our home company has made millions for businesses across the US and world. We have offices, staff, and families just like you. We relate to wanting to be off a cold roof for Thanksgiving with your family, and the worry of getting to as many people as possible after a storm blows through your community, not just because it is good paying work, but because those with damaged roofs are your neighbors. We are flesh and blood, and we know the sweat and tears that go into making a business successful. 

When you call us or send in our contact form, you will talk to a real person that knows what they are talking about, someone who knows your lingo and trade and knows your daily pain and challenges. We can take some of the concern and work off your shoulders that you would probably rather not be doing anyhow, because high quality roofing work is what you do, not technical computer “stuff”.  Let us deal with the SEO and getting you increased business and keeping your company up the ranks. We trust you to keep families safe and dry, and you can trust us with your roofing business being seen and the one people call. 

Take Control of Roofing SEO - Let Roofing SEO Professionals Do It For You

If your roofing business needs more work, more leads, more clients, you need Roofing Advertisement. In the digital world of today, you have to keep the SEO up to date for your website and Google listings. It takes specific skills to do it right, at a good price, just like roofing work. Trust your roofing leads and marketing to a company that knows more about roofing marketing than anyone else in the nation – Roofing Advertisement. Our fees are very reasonable and we make you money.  We have a proven record of taking roofing companies to the top of listings, keeping them there, and dominating their market share. Call us or send in our contact form, and let’s get started making an impact on your local industry, and your bottom line. 

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