Roofing Leads Are Your Lifeline to Higher Profits For Your Roofing Business

More leads mean more roofs, and more roofs mean more money in your pocket. If you are checking us out, you probably already are paying for leads from one of the massive shotgun approach companies that charges you and several other roofers for the same lead, most of them cold leads that are not qualified. 

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If you are tired of the race to the phone and tire kickers, you need the experience and knowledge of a qualified digital marketing company that does nothing but handle marketing in all forms for roofing contractors. We talk your language, we know who your customers are, we know your margins, and we know how to keep your schedule full.  Sharing your leads with up to half a dozen or more competitors that probably do not do the quality work you pride yourself for providing is not the way to spend your hard earned marketing dollars, or get new customers. Warm, qualified leads, new customers who are already looking for roofing work done by a qualified contractor, are the best way to increase your bottom line.

How Would You Like Exclusive Roofing Leads?

When we work with your roofing company the leads we generate for you are yours – exclusively.  They do not go to everyone on the trade page of some directory that charges you a lot of money and gives that lead to every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in the roofing business. We also will protect the geographic area you are able to service and will work exclusively with you to burn up your competition, push your information to page one, and get you called before anyone else has a chance to even pick up a message from potential customers. Roofing Advertisement knows that in a highly competitive, high-ticket market roofers have to have an edge to win the job. We know that being the first to contact the customer and set up a visit to give an estimate is essential and greatly increases your chance of being the company awarded the work. Customers with roof issues usually do not call around, they call the first company that matches their need and location that is reviewed and rated well, and they call and wait to see if you call them back, show up for the bid, and exhibit the professionalism and courtesy they expect from a qualified, experienced roofer in their area. Exclusive leads gives you the edge and puts you in line first to talk to, meet with, and sign an agreement with a customer. 

We Are Experts at Roofing Lead Generation – It is All We Do

Focus is a good thing, and we are focused on anything and everything we can do to help market your roofing business and increase your profitability and bottom line. We know targeting the right audience and getting the right traffic calling you or contacting you on a form is what converts leads into paying customers.  When you look around you will see lots of digital marketing companies, and you need to take a moment to think about what you really want that company to do for your business. Do you want ads and a website that are “cute”, “pretty” or even “different”, or do you want marketing that helps pay the bills?

Roofing Advertisement has exclusively done roofing marketing work for many years. We have many pleased roofing contractors that have had to hire more crew, buy more trucks, or were able to retire early and sell their highly profitable businesses for great margins, all because of the marketing programs we design and implement for their company. A marketing agency that does it all doesn’t know what to do when it comes to a specialized trade like roofing. We do, and we know what it takes to make a sharp, targeted campaign that brings in new clients already looking for roofing work. We know how to target them for leads that are specialized for things like tile, architectural metal and asphalt shingle, shake, or commercial roofing work. 

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All that matters to us are roofing clients that want results, and are ready to handle the work we will generate for them.  We believe that cash in your bank account is the important final product, not how “cute” an ad looks. If you want a professional company that does nothing but roofing marketing, knows the language, how to take advantage of posting after storms, and what you need to see for volume and margins, call us. We know what you need done, and we will get it done better than any other marketing company around. We have the reviews and pleased customers to prove it, and will be happy to let you see their comments. We believe in results for our roofing clients, and we will design a custom marketing program for getting leads specific to your specialization, preferred jobs, new territory you want to expand into, or general increase in business – the choice is yours. We want to see your roofing business grow, and succeed.

roofing leads

We Can Get Those Big Ticket Commercial Roofing Leads For You

Many commercial roofing jobs go out to bid. How does the purchasing agent or buyer decide what company to release the offer to bid to, and then who to award the job? Often it is by what their website says and has the most credible information available, and has experience in handling commercial roofing repair and installation. Then it becomes who is professional, has the crew and credentials to back up the bid and actually do the job, on time, in budget. They want to know that once the contract is released, the work will be completed professionally, with as little additional effort on their part as possible.  How they see your information on the front end sets the tone for the rest of the process, so if that information makes them come to you, instead of you having to pursue them, you have the upper hand in the negotiation for the contract. If you are after those big ticket jobs, including development residential multi-unit contracts, you need to contact Roofing Advertisement and let us design digital information that attracts and convinces those making commercial decisions you are who they want to talk to and hire. We know where commercial project managers look for information, and they have expectations. A good marketing campaign should meet and answer in advance all their questions in order to get a call to come estimate a job, or submit a bit. We have years of experience fine tuning commercial marketing campaigns to get those big-ticket jobs in-house for your company.

When You Want Good, Solid Leads That Pay Off, Call Roofing Advertisement

You need to trust your marketing and lead generation to a company that knows your industry, and can make a difference in your bottom line. We have been doing roofing marketing exclusively on a nation-wide scale for many years. Give us a call or send in our contact form, and let us help you get the business you want and deserve. We will spend your money wisely, and make you a solid return. 

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