Showcasing Your Roofing Company Through Roofing Advertisement

There has always been confusion about what advertising is and what marketing is, and if they are one in the same, or different. They are some of both. The best way to explain it is marketing is the research and knowledge, analysis and preparation of the materials and processes to promote a product or business.

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Advertising is the actual act, media, or material that the marketing has figured out and has put into motion. A better way to explain it is marketing is like the inspection and quote preparation for a customer’s roof, as well as getting everything there to the job site, including ordering roofing, sheeting, making sure work schedules are set up, the 40-yard is ordered and dropped, and the customer is confirmed for the start date and time. The advertising is the new roof being put on and the whole neighborhood admiring the beautiful finished product. The marketing made everything possible, but the advertising was the actual things (labor, materials, skill) that got the job done correctly.

When you own a roofing company, some of your best advertisement is your finished product. Everyone notices a beautiful new roof that has been put on with skill and care. Repairs that cannot be seen, or a difficult historical clay tile job cleaned and restored all speak to the knowledge, talent, skill, and care you give each job. The roof you do is just as much a business card as that small one in your pocket. Both advertise for you, and if done right, do a terrific job.

Why Roofing Advertising is More Important Than Ever

There are a lot of competitors in the roofing industry, but it is the good roofers that are honest, keep clean sites, and have fair prices for great quality work that stay in business. It is important to utilize everything you can to get a marketing program put together that creates advertising that is remembered by the public. That beautifully done new roof can provide some great photo opportunities for your website so others can see the quality of your jobs in the future.  

Similarly, things that are put together to promote, identify, and inform the public about your company are equally important advertising pieces. Many roofers do not realize how important company shirts are for their crews. Logoed shirts create a professional look, and let the home or property owner know who is on their land and that they belong there. It also means the crew is a walking billboard for your company, while raising the respect and brand identification of your company and the work you do. Keeping your company’s name and good reputation at the top of the list when the neighbor asks who did that new roof is a great way to get new business and another client. Your advertising pieces do that, whether it is company shirts, a magnetic calendar on the customer’s fridge, or the pack of logoed golf balls you left with a thank you note after a full roof replacement.  A company’s advertising pieces, or swag as it is known, tend to be kept when practical, useful, thoughtful, and they remind the receiver of the quality workmanship, polite customer service, and timely, clean construction work completed.

roofing advertising

Beating Out the Competition with Fresh Roofing Advertising Ideas

One of the advantages of working with Roofing Advertisement is we have years of experience exclusive to the roofing industry. We know what works, and what is not a good use of your hard earned dollars to keep your name in front of potential new customers. Roofing requires constant replenishment of leads and clients due to the large ticket and long life span of a roof. We know the marketing work needed to go into a successful advertising campaign, and what makes an impact in your particular region and gets you called. Each part of the country is different, and we work throughout the entire United States and even out of the country for roofing contractors that desire assistance from a professional firm that knows their industry, and how to get customers for their products. 

Roofing is competitive, and you need to be able to have your company differentiated with the rest of the herd if you are going to be who a new customer calls out of the search results. Getting your website to page one on Google, and into the Map Pack if possible, if important. That is why search engine optimization or SEO is critical to keep your website competitive and ahead of the rest of the roofing companies in your area. Taking advantage of seasonal and local phenomena that have the potential to bring in business, such as storm damage, is something we do well. We go into storm season prepared to have local targeted ads running for you on the web and social media almost before the rain stops. Your competition will be knocking on doors of homes that are evacuated, while you are setting up quotation visits from the click and call feature on your website and ads. We know who wins in that competition, and it is the roofer with a solid, smart marketing program in place with advertising that gets results. 

Roofing Advertisement - #1 Marketing Company for Roofing Country Wide

When your roofing company needs leads and work, or wants to expand into new territory, call or contact Roofing Advertisement. We specialize in nothing but roofing contractors and the specialty trades that apply strictly to roofing. We know every style, construction type and material, your demographics and region, and what sells and who to sell to in your town. Our initial consultations are free, and we will do a free analysis of your website, GMB, or social media and provide you hard data on how it is currently performing. We can also provide references and reviews from happy roofing contractors who use us for their marketing and advertising programs. We make roofers money, and we get your phone ringing with potential new customers. We can even teach your receptionist how to handle calls and schedule quotation visits if that will help your roofing business succeed. We know roofing, and we want to share our years of experience with you. Our rates are reasonable, and every program we design is custom built just for your business and area. Call now and let’s get started making you money from your roofing advertising.

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