Profitable Roofing Ads Are Not in Print – They Are Digital

Roofing is a competitive industry, and depending on the job, your crew’s talent and efficiency, the weather, and lots of other factors determine how profitable a job actually ends up when all the job costs are in. 

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People who might be good roofers may own the competition, but they most likely do not know how to reach their potential clients very well. Roofers still tend to try and rely on the old methods of door knocking, door hangers, cards stuck in the door, mailers, and local print media such as the shrinking local paper, coupon books, and the like.  With the number of roofers in most every moderately populated area, getting to the client is the challenge, and today, they are not reading the dying local paper. If you are relying on just print media, you are missing most of your customers. 

Targeting Your Roofing Ad Gets Great Results

Roofing Facebook ads, in particular, are one of the best ways to generate leads quickly. If your sales team has a good closing rate, Facebook and Google ads allows your ad to be targeted or pinpointed to the demographics of your client base – homeowners, home of “x” age, income brackets, even down to the age and relationship status in the profile of the homeowner. This targeting allows an ad to be written that appeals to the potential clients who are likely to be spending the money to get a roof repaired or replaced. Facebook ads most often are set up as pay-per-click, meaning that when the shopper decides they want to reach out for a quote or more information, they click on your post, offer, or call to action button. PPC ads can be very effective but must managed correctly so they produce leads at a reasonable cost. Of course, the talent of you, your staff, and even how your business phone gets answered determines the closing rate. Follow-through is important to the success of your Facebook or Google ad campaigns, but if you are a small operator, we can even set up automation to have your calls answered for you by a professional team. 

Google ads work differently, and are posted at the top of search results based on the amount of money set for a budget to appear when certain keywords or search terms are entered in the search bar.  Both Facebook and Google ads have a budget that is set for the amount to be spent on advertising to potential customers each day, an amount that is discussed with you and you have control over. What that basically boils down to is who gets on top is who bids the most for Google to put their name at the top, or in the sidebar, or inserted in the feed when that exact keyword search phrase is typed in.  If you want to hit page one fast, a Google Adword ad is a great way to get there, and get noticed.

We Create More Than Just Plain Jane Roof Ads For Your Company

You want ads that convert into customers.  Designing good ads for Facebook and Google is not easy, at least not ones that work and do not spend a lot of money needlessly. Google and Facebook will spend your money – fast – and will never give you advice to control costs, get better conversions, or improve scan time, how long a potential customer actually looks at your ad, post, or the landing page a click takes them to on your website. Most people are so used to scrolling they do not realize now little time the average view is on a mobile device. You have exactly .4 seconds – you read that right – 0.4 seconds – to get their attention, get them to stop and engage, and then get them to take action to contact you. Google and Facebook want to spend your hard earned money and they will not help you get those customers to actually take the time to read and do something.

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That is why you need the assistance of a digital marketing company that has mastered the roofing trade, what makes people pick a particular company, what photos make them stop and take notice, what offers work to get them to think “Hey, that looks like a great deal and I need that leak fixed!” Call us if you want more roofing work right away, as digital ads can get those jobs for you. 

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When We Handle Your Ad, Roofing Leads That Close Increase Dramatically

When you start with defining your audience, you greatly improve the chances of reaching the people who not only need your services, but are already looking for them. We can help you with online ads for Facebook, help your social media presence and postings with social media management on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and other locations, set up your Google My Business posting, and even do pinpoint marketing and email campaigns for your roofing business. Another great way to tie in Facebook and Google Ads is with videos, screencasts, and text messages that help engage and educate your potential customers. It helps build credibility and let’s them put a real person with the work you do, giving them a preview of what to expect.  Marketing videos are more personal, and people will take the time to watch them more on mobile devices than their laptop. A video helps you rank better than your competitors in the marketplace, making you the local “expert” in roofing repairs, information, and issues. 

If You Want Hot Leads That Need Roofing Work Done Now For Cash Flow – Call Us to Get Your Google or Facebook Ads Running

We are experts at Roofing Advertisement. We know what gets potential customer’s attention, what gets them to call, and what is relevant to what they need. We know how to make sharp, to the point ads that convert, and get you business on the books fast. We know what is relevant, what works in your area, and how to improve every new campaign.  Most companies do not have enough content in the ads they write, the photos (which are critical) are not quite right, or they have a landing page that is hard to navigate, does not work right, has no click to call or action button, or loads like snail mail. We are experts in getting you roofing leads that turn into solid paying invoices. If you are ready to start rolling, call us, and we will get you laying shingles before you know it.

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