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Exclusive Roofing Marketing That Makes You Money

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Roofing Advertisement is a digital marketing agency that does nothing but roofing work. We specialize in roofing contractors and businesses as well as the immediate specialty companies that you subcontract to, and we have only done roofing marketing work for many years. We have the clients and numbers to prove we know what we are doing, we do it for the best price around, and everything we do for you is custom – no cookie cutter websites, ads, postings, or anything else. Fresh content, locally targeted ideas and ads, and a website and social media knowledgeably targeted to your preferred, specific kind of client. We do nothing but handle roofing customers that need to make an

impact in their service area and hope to grow their roofing business. We have specialized for many years in digital ads for roofers, and getting them leads that pay. If you are ready to hit the ground running and want to take on more clients, give us a call or send in our contact form and we can talk about getting your Google Adwords or Facebook ad up fast, your website built and making you money, and your company name recognized throughout your area as the best roofer around. You need to be prepared for fast results and be able to meet the needs of the new roofing customers when you do, because our work works for you. 

roofing web design

When we set up a marketing campaign or program for your roofing firm, we do a lot of research about the industry in your area, your location, the competition, the client base, and other factors. From the data gathered, a lot can be learned about who looked at your current site or ad, what was searched, how long did they view your ad, as well as click through rates and costs of the current media you are employing.  Many traditional trades like roofing still try and rely on old school methods of local newspapers and coupon books, or even billboard advertising. While each of those methods is good for some things, the world of customers looking for someone to do their work is now digital. 

Marketing as a whole is not rocket science, but it is specific. To know who is your customer who will spend money with you requires research and understanding your location and local economy.  We know the language and details of roofing, whether it is asphalt shingles you replace, clay tile repairs you do, or the fact your three crews can do a whole development in a matter of weeks. Your message needs to be consistent and out there, because people who do not know you do roofing have no way to contact you.  Because Roofing Advertisement has focusing on one industry – roofing – we know the market, what the triggers are that get people to pick up the phone and call or click and send in information AND gets them to sign the agreement to commence work. We work to establish credibility for your company as the top roofer in the area with the best credentials and fair pricing.  Letting people know about your company’s work ethic, the fact you staying on budget and schedule, and leave clean work sites are all bonuses. 

Roofing SEO Needs Left to the Pros at Roofing Advertisement

Search engine optimization is one of the most critical parts of a digital marketing campaign, and sadly one many companies do not understand the importance of or try to manage themselves with often disastrous results.  We can create the most dynamic website you have ever seen for roofing, and if it is not kept fresh and current, Google is going to move your competitors who are doing their homework above you, shoving you off page one. SEO takes knowledge and skill to know what to do when, how much of it to do, and what Google, Yahoo! and Bing are looking for when they index your site. We know the tricks of the trade and have the knowledge and skills to take care of this challenging, difficult task for you, and we do it at a low monthly price. Every month your SEO will be done, improving your website and assuring that your paying leads keep streaming in on a regular basis.

We know what makes roofing sell, we know what is profitable for you, and we know how to make a light bulb light up in your preferred customer when they see your advertising, read your website, or get a quote.  We know how to end-run the competitors, get you ranked, and keep you seen. Using a company that has a fluid working relationship that you do not have to explain things to makes for a smooth, effective working relationship. Those are all reasons you should trust your search engine optimization to Roofing Advertisement. We do nothing but roofer SEO for roofing contractors, and we know what it takes to get your website corrected, polished, and moved up the ranks. We know the content Google looks for to rank your site for relevance and credibility. We know the kind of content that is SEO roofing keywords rich and will get “crawled” and moved higher up the search results.  If your current website is not getting results, we are betting it has not received any love. Call us, or send in our contact form, and we will do a free analysis of your site and share what we find with your team. We know we can improve the payback you are currently getting and give you a reason to celebrate writing a check for having this important task completed by experts who make you money.

We Only Do Exclusive Roofing Leads, Protecting Your Company’s Bottom Line

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When you work with Roofing Advertisement, you get leads, usually lots of leads. Those leads are yours, and not anybody else’s. We protect our clients in their service areas, and we do not send or sell leads to anyone else, unlike the other lead generating referral sites.  Many of those sites sell the same lead to 4-8 or more times to different competitors in the same area. We know how frustrating it is to call a potential customer when you just got the “ding” for a lead, and you call immediately to learn the potential client has now received six such calls in 15 minutes. Adding to  the sting is the fact you will still get charged for that pretty much worthless lead. We don’t do that to our customers. Your leads are yours alone. You contact the customers, set up the quotes, and close your deals, without having to beat five other guys to the house to walk the roof. 

There are many ways to get leads, and we target the best options for you based on your budget and demographic area. If you want fast turn around and need business now, roof ads on Facebook Ads and Google Ads can be very effective, but are not free. We have vehicles to generate ongoing, high quality warm leads for you by a number of means, and they will always be clients who are looking for the work you do and are receptive to getting a quote. We also are concerned with keeping the customers you do work for, or getting referrals through them.  Email marketing can be highly effective, especially for customer retention. Most roofing customers do not realize that a roof needs to be checked for sealant cracks, nails that work up, and vents that need resealed on a regular basis. Being able to stay in contact with your customers via email or even a text message campaign can increase your maintenance visits and keeps you as the roofer of record in their minds.

roofing leads
roofing advertising

Roofing Leads Are the Lifeblood for Sustainability and Growth

To keep your roofing business alive and growing, you have to have a constant, steady flow of good, qualified, warm leads. Roofing companies have to survive when there is not a hailstorm, winter wind, or a hurricane. An effective roofing ad campaign helps bring in regular, consistent, “I need to have a roof replaced” customers in your local service region. We are experts at generating qualified leads for your roofing business, and help you get them to conversion.  Conversion is controlled by you and your sales team, but we can even help with sales training from how to answer phones and take down information to turning curious callers turn into quote signers and hem-hawers into closed contracts.

Ads and websites that create good, solid warm leads are far more likely to have high conversion rates. One of the biggest advantages of everything we do for your roofing company is all our leads, all our pay per click, all everything provide warm leads for your team to meet with, estimate, and close the sale. We are constantly gathering information and data on who your audience is, what makes them get a new roof, and how they plan to pay for it. Often your audience is not whom you may assume, and the analytics we do from all the views and contacts helps us determine your target market in your particular service area. We usually find a lot of potential new clients you never thought about trying to reach doing it the old fashioned shotgun advertising way.

Effective Roofing Advertisement by Roofing Market Experts

Our knowledge of roofing advertising lets us zero in quickly on who needs repairs after storms, who needs a whole roof replaced, or where the age of the roof means more work needs to be done in an area, such as a subdivision where all the roofs are hitting the end of their life span or got hit with hail. We know the kind of swag and promotional items that can help retain clients but also serves as an effective silent salesman. Roofer marketing and advertising needs to be a complete, comprehensive package that work together synergistically to support and grow all the various things you do in your business that add to your bottom line. 

The best roofing websites and advertising allow the potential customer to focus and get the information they need easily. We know how to design websites and ads that get their attention, tell them what they need to know, and make it easy for them to contact your company and set up an appointment for a work quote. Easy to use and understand are important in all parts of getting your message out to your potential customers, and we are experts at making sure roofing customers have the information they want when they need to spend money with you.

Roofing Ads Can Kick Start Your Roofing Business

Your new customers are looking online for whom to contact about their roof repair or replacement. If you are not taking advantage of electronic media for your roofing company advertisement, you are missing the vast majority of the people who need your services. Roofing does tend to be somewhat word of mouth, though, so being able to tap into a place that those customers are looking, asking their friends about, and responding to something that gets their interest is important. That is why if you want to stay busy right out of the box, you need to look at letting our knowledgeable staff create and manage some social media ads for you.  

A Facebook or Google ad campaign can be tweaked to hone in your preferred customer base, and also tweaked down as data becomes available, helping to get your per lead cost down with even better qualified warm leads and a better ad. There are also ads that can be run to target new groups of potential clients with similar demographics for other geographical areas, or slightly different preferences, to help expand your new client base, as well as neighborhood postings that can generate many loyal customers.

Roofing Websites Need to Be Intriguing but Practical and Easy to Use

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When you contact Roofing Advertisement about a website being built for you, or reworking the one you have that is not working for you, we ask a lot of questions. Besides the basic information we need, we want to know your business, how you run it, do you have someone to answer your phones, and the types of roofing work you prefer to take on. We will design a site that is easy to read and easy to navigate. Your customers are just as frustrated as you are when a website will not come up quickly, hangs up when you click on a button, or the internal pages really do not work. Every website we build is tested for laptop, tablet, and mobile application, and the three do vary for how the site looks when complete. If you have need for a calendaring system for roofing inspections or other “free quote” visits, that can also be added to your site, as well as educational blogs, e-commerce applications or “click and be taken to” for products you may sell or affiliate such as sky tubes,  comment forms and review posting ability. Reviews are important as true, real, verifiable reviews help push your site closer to the top of Google and also help determine the placement of your company posts on Facebook. 

When a new customer is done perusing your website, they should have a comfortable feeling that they are making a call to someone they already know, and have created an image of what your company is like in their mind. This is why a company that specializes in the industry like Roofing Advertisement is such great assistance in designing your website, because we take your thoughts, ideas and philosophy, and create a bridge to a customer who then likes what they see. Roofing customers are generally making a substantial outlay of cash for the job needing done, and they want to feel they know who they are handing the cash to, that you are trustworthy, do what you say, and provide a clean site and quality end product. Our expert website design team can make that happen by creating a website specific to your company, how you do business, and what is important to you that customers know in advance about your company and services. This critical method of building your custom site establishes credibility in advance, and provides a comfortable springboard for your sales staff to provide a competitive estimate that already starts with an edge of approval. 

Roofing Website Design Needs to Catch, and Hold, Attention

Modern shoppers are savvy to many of the tricks and games that advertisers play in trying to not tell them anything and make them call for every little detail about a company. Some companies mistakenly think this gives their sales staff a shot at the customer. Today’s consumers do not and will not take the time to have to call and go through the painstaking process of digging out the one or two pieces of information about what services you offer or materials you handle. They want a fast, concise, easy to find answer, and it best be on your website. Anything that looks like a lead on ad more often than not does not work, and anything that looks stuffed shirt and too important to tell the customer anything in advance is worse. They often perceive the first as trying to pull something or as dishonest, and the later as high priced and difficult to deal with, and neither approach will get their business. 

Out-of-date websites, or those that do not work well on mobile or tablet are not beneficial to your company. Customers tend to view out-of-date sites and information as an out of touch company that may not have the best technology, tools, or knowledge to do a job. Since over 70% of all searches are done on a mobile device, having your site readily available in a fluid, mobile friendly format is critical. All mobile sites must have call to action buttons. If a mobile searcher cannot easily call you without stopping to write something down and then having to punch it in, they will go on to the next roofer in line that makes it easy.

We Do Nothing But Roofing Contractor Marketing – Make Money, Save Stress

Whether you need roofing web design, roofing SEO, ads to get work in quickly, or other help making sure your local customers know who you are and are the preferred provider for roofing work, we are your company. Roofing Advertisement has a highly qualified, dedicated team of experts that know roofing inside and out. We take the stress and worry out of having to try and figure out the technical part of your digital marketing.  We have many happy customers, top-notch referrals, reviews, and experience to prove we can help you increase your number of jobs and bottom line. Call us or send in our contact form, and let’s get started. Our initial consultations and analysis are always free of charge, and our fees very reasonable. We want to get you more roofing leads, more roofing work, and more cash money in the bank. 

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